What is Cadet Forces?

"Cadets" is the New Zealand Cadet Forces. Cadets is a youth leadership training organisation created from a partnership between the New Zealand Defence Force and the community.

It is not part of the New Zealand Defence Force. It is however, supported by and gets its military training flavor from the NZ Defence Force.

What does the NZCF do?

Your leadership is developed through gaining skills in a wide range of areas. These include:

  • Tramping
  • Abseiling
  • Climbing
  • Caving
  • Physical Training
  • Shooting
  • Duke Of Edinburgh Scheme
  • International Leadership Training
  • Army Experience Programme

What is in it for me?

Many young people are looking for after school employment. Serving with NZ Cadet Forces provides you with proven skills that employees are looking for.

You'll develop:

  • self-discipline
  • the capability to learn new skills
  • the desire and ability to present yourself with pride
  • an understanding of the value of punctuality
  • a commitment to the concept of service.
  • These attributes are sought after by employers.

You'll Learn:
  • Leadership
  • Field Craft
  • Survival Skills
  • Instructional Technique
  • Navigation - Open & Bush
  • Weapons Training, Marksmanship & Drill
  • Weather Reading
  • Radio Procedures
  • First Aid
  • Dress & Bearing
  • Recreational Training

The leadership skills you'll develop are also sought after by schools when searching for their senior leaders such as prefects or peer support leaders. Many cadets are selected to take senior student leadership roles in their schools.

You'll get to meet a whole new range of people and, most importantly, you'll have fun.


Cadets taking part in Archery

 Cadets "Blending In" 

Confidence Course at Burnham Military Camp 

Getting a ride in an RNZAF Helicopter  

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